The New Nursing Bra

New mums, take hold.

The Strapless Bra
That Stays Up

How do you get a strapless bra to stay up? And not dig in? Introducing the bandeau strapless bra. It will stay up. It won’t dig in. And it works with backless dresses. Designed with silicone-free technology, it gets it grip from the whole band so that the support is evenly distributed, leaving fewer red marks, less chance of slippage and an overall enhanced fit. Plus, it has a hidden side closure for a clean bandeau-style back, ideal for those all-important backless-dress looks.

The Nursing Bra

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About the Calvin Klein Nursing Bra

This Calvin Klein nursing bra features clip-down cups for easy breastfeeding, and an extendable band to allow for change in size. Designed to offer support during and after pregnancy.

Why would you need a nursing bra?
Compared to a traditional bra, nursing bras are useful in providing a more adaptable, effortless fit. The Calvin Klein nursing bra is made from modern cotton, a soft, stretch material that seamlessly moves with the body. Designed without underwire, the Calvin Klein cotton nursing bra features an iconic logo band under the bust for light support.

Can you wear a regular bra while nursing?
While you can wear a regular bra, a nursing bra offers a more practical solution for breastfeeding mums due to the functional and easy-to-use clip-down cups. The cups in the Calvin Klein nursing bra feature removable pads to absorb any leakages.

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