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Women’s Pyjamas

Discover Calvin Klein’s essential collection of pyjamas for women. Ultra-soft fabrics. Optimal breathability. Elasticated waistbands. Have the best sleep of your life in a women’s pyjama set from CK. Browse stylish nightwear options made from sumptuously soft silk, cotton flannel and other luxurious fabrics. Select a classic t-shirt and shorts for warmer nights or choose a flannel shirt and trousers for more coverage. From relaxed to retro, Calvin Klein has the perfect pyjamas to suit your taste. Slip into a pair after a long day and feel the stress melt away as you sink into bed. Pair your pyjamas with a matching bathrobe and indulge in the ultimate relaxation. Calvin Klein women’s pyjamas. Sleep in style.

Where can I find warm pyjamas for women?

You can buy warm pyjamas for women online on the official Calvin Klein website. Warm pyjamas are typically made of flannel, cotton blends or other materials that provide insulation and retain heat to keep you warm at low temperatures.

Are silk pyjamas cool or warm?

Silk pyjamas can be both cool and warm depending on the circumstances. Silk is a breathable fabric that helps regulate your body temperature, making it a good choice for hot and humid weather. At the same time, silk can also provide insulation and trap body heat, making it suitable for cooler temperatures as well.