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Mens Perfumes & Aftershaves

Treat yourself or a loved one to Calvin Klein’s perfumes for men. Fresh fragrances. Alluring aftershaves. Captivating colognes. Choose from a range of innovative, exciting scents for the modern man. The Calvin Klein men’s perfumes collection includes famous scents like CK One, Eternity and Obsession. Wear your favourite aftershave with a smart shirt and trousers on a work day. Or spray some fresh eau-de-toilette to smell your best on your next date. With cargo pants, a CK monogram t-shirt and boots you’ll make a cool and casual impression. Did you know that Calvin Klein pioneered the idea of the unisex fragrance in the 1990s? Get one for her as well. CK men’s perfumes and aftershaves. Join the fragrance revolution.

What is aftershave?

Aftershave is a liquid or lotion applied to the skin after shaving to soothe, moisturise, and protect it. It can also help to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs. Aftershaves typically contain moisturising ingredients to hydrate the skin as well as antiseptic ingredients such as alcohol. Aftershaves often have pleasant scents or fragrances that leave the skin smelling fresh and clean.

How long does men’s perfume last?

How long a perfume lasts depends largely on its concentration. Generally, Eau de Cologne lasts around 2-3 hours, Eau de Toilette lasts 3-5 hours, Eau de Parfum lasts 5-8 hours, and Parfum (Extrait de Parfum) can last 8 hours or more. Individual factors such as body chemistry and the quality of ingredients can also influence how long a fragrance lasts. To enjoy your perfume for longer, apply it to pulse points and well-moisturised skin. Store it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight to preserve its quality.