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Smart Casual Clothes

Discover the Calvin Klein collection of smart casual clothes for men. Premium fabrics. Expert craftsmanship. Sophisticated silhouettes. Choose CK’s smart casual men's clothes for sharp, sophisticated dressing. Pair a tailored jacket and formal shirt with trousers and smart shoes for a timeless silhouette that will take you from the boardroom to an upscale evening event. Accessorise with a watch, belt and men’s bag to create a polished look that oozes confidence. Calvin Klein’s smart casual attire combines CK’s signature simplicity with contemporary fits. So you can enjoy an everlasting wardrobe staple. Calvin Klein smart casual clothes for men. Smart style, signature comfort.

What is smart casual for men?

Smart casual for men is a dress code that strikes a balance between formal and informal attire. It creates a polished, sophisticated look without the strictness of a suit. The smart casual dress code typically includes well-fitted trousers, a collared shirt and optional elements like a blazer or knitwear. This makes it a versatile style that’s suitable for various occasions.

Are jeans smart casual?

Jeans can be considered smart casual depending on how they’re styled and the overall dress code of the event. When paired with a well-fitted blazer, a collared shirt and smart shoes, u>jeans can be part of a smart casual look. Avoid overly distressed or casual denim for a more polished appearance.